Monday, September 19, 2011

Do you breath?

In the wee hours of the morning around 5am I walk. Right now it's just before dawn so there is not a lot of things to look at and a lot of time to take note of weird things like breathing. I've also been doing a little yoga. A real little like five times a week for 12 minutes. I've been working on cordinating my breathing with the exercises and I've noticed I've seperated my lungs from my diaphram. I'm not sure how this happened was I stressed and just took shorter breaths? Possiblie counsious of my stomach and in a need to keep it tucked in managed to separte them? Maybe an entire enflamation of my gut that has totally been too painful to think about? A combination???? Anyway that's were I am today. Now I'm consciously trying to breath with my diaphram and it feels like I have a third lung and sometimes I get light headed or feel like my lungs are expanding and my diaphram is contracting it's a weird weird experience. Nice to not have such an inflamed gut that has a constant low pain and nice to enjoy belly breathing again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Something new...

As one might imagine I am always on the lookout for new matarials to paint with. I found something I have been looking for since I think I picked up a paint brush. A pen ink brush. I think only someone who has been frustrated with loading a brush on the go can imagine the extasy it brings me to be able to paint on the run. This beauty has a perfectly pointed end and flows out when pressed down to a nice wide margin. The ink flows through a capsul at the top and can be pressed to push more ink out or painted until dried out as desired. It's a Pentel Color Brush, I found it in Boesner in Neu Ulm. The only draw back I can see for now is the ink will fade with time and light exposure. As this is simply an instrament for sketching I don't think this is a problem.

Tomorrow my son starts first grade. While I bite my nails with trepidation I plan on painting the town black with my new find...