Tuesday, October 25, 2011

object in progress...

Last week I did not step into the studio. Hmmmm... the garage needed cleaning....Well it did as snow seems to be just around the corner probably late November early December...or January... It was delightfully crisp outside and just OK for a sweatshirt. I don't like wearing lot's of clothes to clean in. Wet sleeves...uhg... Our garage got used a lot the first year we lived in the house when Louise was born and then slowly it filled up swith stuff we no long needed. So I found homes for the stuff and now our garage is free to put the car in and we no longer need to worry about scratching ice of the windsheild or snow off the top of the car. Woohoo...

Now back to painting...my curent acrylic is coming along. I put the backround in. I think it's done but you never know I was hoping it would come out more textured and it came out fairly smooth, but I like the colors so best not to overwork it too much. As the detail in the subject comes more out it may need to be adjusted. It is a work in progress in another week it should look a bit more rounded I'm hoping it's close to finished but nothing is finished until it is finished...


  1. The colors are so vibrant! Thanks for sharing!
    I agree, painting is never finished, till it's finished ;o)

  2. Thanks, it did get finished and I moved it along. I really should put another post as completed. I got started and then didn't quite know how to go on. So I've been writing and not posting. I've been inspired since joining creative courage. You all make it look so simple;-)